1. Are my purchases secure?
Yes! Your browser will enter into secure mode, on an HTTPS page, when the time comes to enter your card information. We only accept orders that are placed using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This technology prevents you from inadvertently revealing personal information by using an insecure connection. New security checks, like the card signature code, are in place to protect your credit card details online. Your purchases are electronically processed and no credit or debit card details are stored after your order has been processed.
2. May I order by phone?
Yes, you can! You may place your order by phone or text at 256-504-4179. We process orders by phone from 8:00am-9:00pm CST 7 days a week. Website ordering is available 24/7.
3. How is this jewelry made?
Each piece begins with raw clay or liquid clay (also known as slip). The pieces are handformed or poured using molds made custom here in our studio. After forming, the pieces are left to dry completely for 2 to 3 days, at which point they are referred to as "greenware". Once completely dry, they are individually loaded into a kiln and fired for approximately 6 hours to a temperature of between 1945°F to 1971°F. This transforms them into a super hardened state known as "bisque". Once the kiln is allowed to cool, a process that can take a full day, the pieces are unloaded, cleaned and prepared for painting, also known as glazing. The pieces are individually handpainted with whatever colors the design calls for and then left to dry. A final clear glaze is applied to the pieces to provide a beautiful glossy finish. The jewelry is then loaded once again into the kiln and fired to a temperature of 1828°F for about 4 hours. Once cool, the kiln is unloaded and the finished jewelry is removed and ready to be worn!
4. How long will it take to receive my order?
Most of my work ships within 3-5 days, however in some instances pieces may need to be made from scratch in order to fulfill a customer's order and will require up to 2 weeks to produce. If you want to insure arrival by a specific time, feel free to message me and I will let you know when your order will be shipping.
5. Why does my piece look slightly different than the one shown on the website?
All of my pieces are individually hand made and signed one at a time, as well as individually hand glazed, so there will be some slight variation from piece to piece. This adds to the uniqueness of the piece.